Archived Letter – 289

This a sad day for Wellington when a bunch of people that do not even live in the area wrecked my day to question my politicians. They say they are not a violent group but their flyer has some freak with dyed hair,piercing in his face and boxing gloves on in a pose to punch someone. I have to question this . Is this what they call a peaceful protest? As a farmer, all farmers know that the city people think that we are all stupid. This was obvious that this was planned by the wind group for some time. I was also going to give these people some of my hard earnd money Im glad I did not .They would not even post my comments on their web page open forum ya right only if it suits their cause. It is also sad when a bunch of people who sign a wind contract and take the money but when it comes time for the windmills to go up they cry like little babies. I do not like the windmills but if you sign a deal with the devil the reaper is gong to collect so it time to pay up!! Im not expecting this to get posted ether but some ones going to read it and just maybe you will post it. THANK YOU PISSED OFF FARMER S/B