Archived Letter – 283

Last week I read in the letters to the editor section of the Wellington Advertiser that NextEra Energy hired the law firm Cassels and Brock, headed by former Ontario premier David Peterson, to lobby John Wilkinson and the M.O.E. There is something very wrong about the fact that liberal elites within the GTA will have a strong hand in determining what direction our local municipality will take with respect to industrial wind development. It seems to me that this issue is entirely political and the placing of large industrial wind turbines in our backyard is nothing more than a strategy on the part of the McGuinty liberals to appease the GTA vote base. Why is it that the Ontario liberals feel it is absolutely necessary to take this direction, but they refuse to locate Wind Turbines in Lake Ontario or within the provinces Greenbelt? The Liberals have set this up so that their countryside and vote base is protected while sacrificing prime farmland and destroying the lives and property values of those in the rural and predominately conservative ridings. The Liberals, having removed the democratic process, dont want to see the countryside they live in industrialized or their property values diminished but they have given themselves the power to do just that in the farming communities. Wind energy development is not good for them but is just fine for us. Whos playing the NIMBY game now? Susan Morrison

Susan Morrison