A letter to South Bruce residents

For those who missed the latest SBCLC (South Bruce Community Liaison Committee) meeting, two city mayors spent their entire time extolling the virtues of a “Nuclear Community.” Ironically, these urban representatives, who preside over districts that consume the greater portion of electricity and have not applied to have a DGR (deep geological repository) themselves, think it is a great idea that up to 7.2 million bundles of radioactive waste, be buried here in South Bruce.

We are in our 10th year of NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization) persuasion and have been studied to death on the subject. We have had our fill of government telling us what we need, what is good for us and what we should think and do. Something this finite should not be forced upon us.

In 2023, the NWMO will decide whether we are fit to house all of Canada’s high-level radioactive waste. I implore all residents who want a voice in this matter to have their names added to the petition to hold a referendum, to decide for ourselves whether we want this DGR or not, on a ballot, in the next municipal election.

This is our home, our future; we deserve to have a say in it!

Doug Kreller