Howick children’s author releases third book in series

HOWICK TOWNSHIP – Connie Gibson just released her third children’s book in the Nana Murray series, Here Comes Trouble, on Sunday, July 25 in Clifford.

This third book features a cat named Trouble who arrives at Nana Murray’s farm to have all sorts of fun with the animals on the farm and three little boys – Nana Muray’s grandsons Caden, Conner and Oliver. The children feed the chickens, gather eggs, laugh at the goats, play in puddles, drink lemonade, build wooden towers and dream about what tomorrow may bring, while Trouble chases the chickens and goats, gets tangled in string, gobbles his supper, topples wooden towers and dreams of mice.

The story is told through prose and poetry with bright and bold illustrations appearing on every other page of this 24-page book.

There are even six photos of Trouble the cat Connie found in a pet shop.

She recalls, “The cat snuggled into my arms and would not let me put him down. He needed me to care for him. I just had to take him home.”

Gibson grew up on a dairy farm, lived in Clifford for 30 years, moved to Harriston, and is now settled in Fordwich. While in Harriston, she met Keri Sandhi, who created the illustrations for the book.

Gibson is hoping to write more in the Nana Murray series, but feels a poetry book filled with her photography may be the next venture. She admits, “There always seems to be an idea in the back of my head that nags at me until I get it written.”

Gibson is happiest when she is exploring new things on long drives and hikes with her camera capturing the beauty of nature. She operates a cleaning company, Keeping It Clean, and spends a great deal of time with her grandsons, family and friends.

Here Comes Trouble can be purchased through Gibson at, along with her other two books, Nana Murray Has A Farm and Silly Sally.

Bonnie Whitehead