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Halloween hangover

The day after Halloween is always sure to be an exhausting one. Not because you are necessarily up late, but because children, teenagers and even some adults get so worked up and excited about the “holiday” that when it’s all over, there is no energy left for daily activities. November 1 is met with stomach aches and a sweet tooth we don’t normally have. We are on a sugar high for some of it and then left feeling low and tired after that wears off and we are faced with the reality of the day.

We don’t normally keep sweets in our house, because I know that they will get eaten in a short amount of time. This of course is followed by the shame spiral. I have no self control so I simply don’t put myself in the situation. However, around Halloween you don’t want to be a Scrooge so you buy some treats for the adorable children that will be visiting.  

I made the mistake of buying our Halloween candy too far in advance of the actual day. I thought one week would be a short enough amount of time that two people wouldn’t possibly finish a box full of miniature chocolate bars. I was wrong. Now I know why I normally buy the treats the night before. So I can trick myself into not eating them all. Trick or treat the grown up way.

In my defence, the chocolate bars have gotten so much smaller over the years. It’s hardly satisfying to curve your chocolate craving with just one tiny little morsel. Those peanut M&Ms literally only have six in the bags. You need at least four or five bars to gratify your hunger. Then you are left feeling bad about yourself when you all of a sudden notice all the wrappers in front of you.

Hopefully enough trick-or-treaters visit your house that you are not left with an obscene amount of chocolate and candy. Another trick is to pawn off the rest of the treats to the late visitors. Those lucky latecomers get a handful of treat bags just so you don’t have to be left with the temptation. The easiest way to sugar detox is to simply get rid of it all. No treats, just tricks.