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Growing up with sisters

I did not grow up with sisters. I instead grew up in the middle of two brothers. I always felt like I was missing out by not having a sister and automatic best friend. With the arrival of my newest niece, all I can think about is how much fun my three beautiful nieces are going to have with each other as they grow up. It also makes me think about the difference between sisters and brothers and what I imagine it to be like.

Obviously the best part about having sisters must be the wardrobe. You get to share clothes with each other and go shopping together. You never have to worry about what you’re going to wear or if it looks good. Your sister is on the case. Of course, having brothers didn’t stop me from wearing their clothes. I was a bit of a tomboy. I’m not afraid to admit that I was a poorly dressed one at that. 

They will have an automatic girl squad. They may not always get along, because let’s face it, all siblings argue and fight growing up. However, when they realize that they will always have each other’s back then they have best friends for life. All siblings whether sisters or brothers can have this actually, but having all girls means you basically have your own girl band. Girl power.

Sisters introduce each other to new music or movies. They will constantly be listening to the latest boy band or watching the newest chick flick. In our family of five, my mom and I were always outnumbered by the testosterone in the household. Now my oldest brother is by far outweighed by the estrogen in his household. I had to grow up with “the game” constantly in the background and never having control of the remote. With girls running the house, there’s no doubt that the sports will be limited to the bedroom television.

Having a sister must mean you get the best advice all the time. They will help you decode that cryptic text from your crush or figure out what to wear on your first day of school. Girls always have your back. I received a lot of “I don’t know” growing up with brothers or “Why are you asking me?” Not the most helpful.

Having sisters will be like having a sleepover all the time. Getting to go over to a girl friend’s house growing up was the best because it was just a giggle and gossip fest all night long. Sisters get to do that every night.

So not only are my nieces so lucky to have each other throughout their childhood and into their adulthood, they get to have a really cool aunt, too.