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Foolproof ways to feel better

This time of year, when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it can be hard to feel energetic or cheerful.

Sure, the fact that the holidays are around the corner helps but I find waking up in darkness and driving home from work in the dark slightly depressing. Now, I am by no means an expert on motivation but here’s how I stay lighthearted in the dark.

• We’ve all heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” You would think that getting up early would be harder this time of year due to the darkness. The bed calls your name and tempts you back so easily. But I find, although it can be extremely hard to force myself from a warm bed of blankets and pillows, once up and awake I feel better than if I had chosen to sleep in. Plus, being able to watch the sunrise is a joy in itself.

• Get active. Going outside this time of year isn’t one of my favourite activities, I will admit. There are only a handful of lovely fall days left before the crisp air turns harsh and bitter. Going for walks outside while you still can is invigorating and refreshing, as long as you’re properly dressed. If you’re more like me though, get active inside.

• Take time for yourself. Maybe this is reading a book, having a bath, drinking a glass of wine. Maybe it’s all three. Whatever your pleasure, make sure to make room in your life for it. Never forget what makes you tick and allows you to be a better mom, wife, coworker or friend. When we give too much to others we leave too little for ourselves.

• Know when to stay silent. In our lives of noise, chaos and busyness, sometimes all we need is a break from that noise. Silence is golden and sometimes the answer is the sweet sound of nothing. 

• Be prepared. Don’t overthink things but definitely don’t leave big things to the last minute. Sunday nights should be for relaxing and rest, not scurrying around to get ready for the week.

• Smile. Laugh. Watch a funny movie. Watch old reruns of your favourite sitcoms and get ready to bust a gut. We can trick ourselves into feeling uplifted by simply smiling.