Board commends Westario’s achievements at annual meeting

WALKERTON – Westario Power’s President and CEO, Jenny Alfandary, highlighted several significant milestones and accomplishments that the local distribution company achieved in the past year at their annual general meeting on June 22.

Addressing the shareholders gathered in Walkerton, Alfandary shared that Westario Power continues to not only meet, but exceed the needs of its customers across 15 communities by providing safe, reliable, and efficient service. She pointed to a 2021 survey that showed an impressive 95 per cent satisfaction among the company’s customers.

The operations and engineering teams have continued to make capital investments, such as subdivision developments in Ripley and Southampton, and the replacement of 100 decrepit hydro poles across Westario Power’s distribution area.

Westario Power led the way by becoming one of the first utility companies to implement the Province of Ontario’s Green Button initiative, through the successful development of the EMPowered consumer portal and app. This user-friendly tool allows customers to better manage and understand their energy usage and is adaptable for use by other utility companies that are required to implement Green Button by the end of 2023.

Westario Power continued to make significant strides as a leader, working in collaboration with strategic partners to deliver programs to the communities it serves. In 2021, Westario Power signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bruce Power focused on offsetting carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero. The companies have delivered on these shared priorities; partnering to lead the charge by providing support for local municipalities to increase the number of EV charging stations accessible to the public.

In her report, Alfandary praised the frontline staff and leadership team that live up to the company’s values of passion, leadership and commitment on a daily basis, which made all the remarkable successes possible.

“As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, our team at Westario Power is motivated to continue living our core values, ultimately powering people’s lives in ways that exceed the expectations of our consumers and benefits our shareholders,” said Alfandary.

“The board is proud of the excellent achievements of Westario Power over the past year,” said George Bridge, chair of the board of directors of Westario Power. “We are confident that the leadership team, supported by all the staff, will continue to make positive contributions to our communities and maintain a high degree of excellence in their work.”

About Westario

Westario Power is an electricity distribution company that is focused on providing superior value to their nearly 25,000 customers across the fifteen communities we proudly serve, driven by a vision of growth, community prosperity and excellence. Through our core values of passion, leadership, and commitment, Westario Power is powering people’s lives.