What Listowel means to me

Listowel is a word synonymous with home for me. Having grown up in this quaint town from the ripe age of six, I’d like to believe Listowel is ingrained in who I am.

Tools with only one use can become a hindrance

The silo is a simple invention used to store feed for winter. According to the folks at Ontario Barn Preservation, the first vertical silo in North America was built in Illinois in 1873, with the first Ontario silos built not long after.

The basics will make you better

My soccer-loving middle son, Levi, has been trying relentlessly to master ‘the rainbow’ with his soccer ball. It requires taking the ball from your heel and flicking it from behind you, over your body like the arc of a rainbow and landing it directly in front of you.

A new season

I know I speak for many people when I say, “summer is passing too quickly.” But evidence of the changing season is getting harder and harder to deny. As the new season comes, many of us are facing change. For some it may be a new job; for others, it’s going back to school (or going to a new school);

Like a fish to water

As a largely carefree, childless chap for a good chunk of my adult life, parenting has been every bit the adventure I thought it would be and more.

Try again

My son Andrew had to delete his account on a building game he loves and learned something so valuable, I couldn’t resist sharing it...